Source Shaper

We design, build and maintain high performance business software platforms.

Our team of software developers are based in Southampton, UK and we have customers across the country in industries including fintech, telecoms, publishing and media.

Platform Design

Great production comes from great design, whether you have just the inkling of a requirement or a fully formed business plan we will work with you to discover how to turn that idea into a reality.


Our team of programmers are experienced, articulate and professional. They understand the vision behind a system which they translate into beautifully written, fully tested code.

All our systems are cloud based and delivered over the internet. Front ends are single page or traditional web apps and mobile applications. We have expertise creating system using Python, Javascript, C#, Mongo Db, MySQL, MS SQL, Redis and Rabbit MQ.


Software lasts for years, and progressive enhancements is usually preferable to a complete rewrite when you need it to do something new. We are in this for the long haul and the same team that built your system will be available to make changes and enhancements as your system grows with your business.


We will actively monitor your system on your own servers or on ours, manage your backups and plan with you to manage scaling to cover any eventuality. In the unlikely event of a failure we are available 24/7 to sort it out.