Our Software Development Process

Software development is a complex process, in this article we outline the steps we go through to transform an idea into a working system and beyond.

Software Testing

When choosing a software developer to build your latest project one of the most telling questions you can ask your supplier is 'How do you test your software'?

Alex Bartlett explains how Source Shaper do it.

Q App Acquired by Yoyo Wallet

Q App has been acquired by Yoyo wallet, the journey continues.

Software Developer Levels

The software industry has a massive range of job titles for developers, from the prosaic via the confusing and complicated to the ridiculous. This is how we define the roles at Source Shaper.

Software System Support

Every system, and its users need some looking after. At Source Shaper we understand this and we provide continuous ongoing support for every system we build.

Q App - Best Mobile Payment Service

After a busy year rolling out to several prestigious venues, including the Royal Albert Hall and the Southbank Centre, Q App have scooped the title Best Mobile Payment Service at the recent Mobile Entertainment Awards