Our Software Development Process

Published On 2016-04-21

First we will talk, probably quite a lot. You will need to get to know us, and we will need to understand you, your business and your requirements. When everyone understands each other we will go away and think for a couple of days, probably come back with a list of questions and then go away for another couple of days. We will also talk about costs.

After all the chit chat we will send you a Software Development Proposal, this is a 4 to 10 page document outlining your system, its features, the development schedule and costs, the hosting and maintenance arrangements and our payment schedule.

We will then agree a contract that formalises what we agree in the proposal.

Then all the fun (for us) starts and we begin building your project. Throughout the build phase we will have regular contact, and a new version of the system will be made available for review at least once every 2 weeks. Plenty of testing will happen during build, you won't see any software that does not work.

Towards the end of the project we will work with you to setup a live hosting and prepare you and your users to go live.

Once you are satisfied that the system passes all of your acceptance tests the system is declared live. We will now actively monitor your software to ensure it is behaving in production as everyone expected.

Businesses change, and therefore so must the behaviour of their software systems. We expect this and are ready to make any changes, large or small to ensure your platform keeps doing its job for many years.