Software System Support

Published On 2015-05-06

Every system, and its users need some looking after. At Source Shaper we understand this and we provide continuous ongoing support for every system we build.

The level of support you require will depend on many factors, including the complexity of your system, the number and frequency of users and type of users the system is serving. For example an internal business system used by 10 employees will have very different needs from a public website with tens of thousands of weekly visitors.

Our support packages are tailored to your needs, but they fall roughly into 1 of the 3 categories listed here:

Essential Support

Our Essential Support package includes the ongoing provision of the services you need to make optimal use of your software system throughout its lifetime.

Essential Support is ideal for systems with a low transactionality that will not require further development or frequent changes.

The following services are included in Essential Support:

Inclusive Support

Inclusive Support is ideal for complex systems that are highly transactional or have a large number of users. It is also perfect for customers that will need continual updates to their system and require a fixed cost service.

All the benefits of Essential Support along with the provision of ad-hoc development tasks. The type of tasks included will depend on the design of your system but will include anything that does not add new features.

Examples of typical tasks included are:

Continuous Development

One significant new version of the software will be released each month.

Perfect for large, complicated systems that will evolve indefinitely. Especially those where the end specification is not fully understood at the beginning of development.

Our Continuous Development package is an adaptation of the Lean Philosophies and Agile Behaviours employed by in house development teams. The process works as follows: